When the decision is made to acquire, sell, renovate or redesign, it is a task that is met with many emotions. One of those emotions usually is not relaxation. After many years, many properties purchased, renovated and sold, with many reputable Vancouver realtors, Nicolette Marshall decided that the only piece of her business she was missing was her real estate license.

Nicolette’s enthusiasm for the real estate industry is notable in the full-service business that she has created; Insite West. It is rare for clients to be able to hire one person that is able to advise them on the whole process while having an eye to find that property that can be turned into something special.

“I love searching for the diamond in the rough, that one house that people have been passed by many times, underestimating the property and not seeing the full potential, then making it shine inside and out.”

Although a full-time city dweller, Nicolette has a long-standing history of a competitive equestrian rider and trainer. She has built a valuable rapport with many accomplished equestrians in British Columbia’s lower mainland, Vancouver Island and in Europe. This gives her that advantage when dealing with rural acreages and farms and specializes in equestrian properties.

Nicolette is based in Vancouver, Canada. From Whitstler to Chilliwack. She currently is with EXP Realty and since receiving her real estate license 10 years ago, Nicolette has completed over $100 million in closed sales.